Distribution Change for Medicine Wheel

Read and Co is pleased to share that Publishers Group Canada has a new distribution arrangement for Medicine Wheel Education, based in Victoria, BC.

From their website:

Medicine Wheel was born a company that delivers on culturally authentic books, resources and tools specialized for teachers and schools. The content of Medicine Wheel Education has been written and/or approved by First Nation’s Elders and/or Peoples. We know that these cultural stories will make a positive difference in the world of education.

Our motivation is to facilitate community building and sharing between cultures by offering high quality, First Nation’s children’s books for all students, teachers and parents. Our books can be found in thousands of schools, bookstores and homes across Canada.

All of our books carry powerful moral and cultural messages written and/or approved by First Nation’s Elders/ storytellers. Currently we have six children’s book each in English and French. We also have two First Nation’s language books. Every book comes with a lesson plan and poster.

You will see the fall catalogue with the rest of our PGC lists.

  • Start date: May 1, 2019
  • Previous Distributor: Self
  • New: PGC via Raincoast Books, Richmond, BC
  • ISBN Prefix: 978-0993
  • Number of titles: 14

Download title list here.

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