Claws of the Panda

We have had another upswing in our Claws of the Panda title, and don’t forget this author lives in Victoria!

No doubt it is because Canada/China relations are in the news constantly and Jonathan is an expert on the topic and has a lot to add to the discussion. Many reviewers have called this THE book to provide the background to how we got here, and the media isn’t letting up.

Please be sure that this book is in stock and highly visible to take advantage!


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Recent Broadcast Media: All Things Considered, NPR; Power & Politics, CBC; The Weekly, CBC; The Current, CBC; Online Review, CBC Books; Power Play, CTV; The Agenda with Steve Paikin, TVO.

Recent Columns :

Hong Kong a front line in contest between authoritarian states and liberal democracies by Jonathan Manthorpe, Jul 3, 2019 /  Globe and Mail

Claws of the Panda shines light on Canada’s naive response to China “China has no rule of law as it is understood in Western liberal democracies; the judicial system in China works to the benefit of the government only. A criminal in China is someone the CCP (Chinese Communist Party), says is a criminal.” – Jamie Portman, Nanton News 

Canada must not be naive when dealing with China’s authoritarian regime “The importance of Claws of the Panda, Jonathan Manthorpe’s new best-selling book, a meticulous and wellresearched highly readable history of decades of Canada-China relations, goes far beyond what it reveals of Chinese tactics and Canadian government naivety under successive administrations. It is in many ways a primer on the central challenge of our era – the question of how democracies address the scope and depth of an authoritarian wave now picking up momentum.” – Hugh Segal, The Globe and Mail 

Reviews have also recently appeared in: ChinaWatch Democratic Digest Le Devoir Eagle Vision Times The Epoch Times Japan Forward National Post Ottawa Citizen The Province Quill & Quire Richmond News Sudbury Star Taiwan Justice Network Union Courier Vancouver Courier Vision Times

Also (like anyone could forget) but The Marrow Thieves is a perfect camp read and still a top ranking title consistently in my top 5 of ALL my publishers.


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