What’s New at Read + Co for 2020

Happy new year! This has been a truly delightful, fun, and amazing year. It is hard to believe a whole year has passed. Thank you for all your support to help us take off! We have been flying along at breakneck speed and loving every minute of it.

The big news is that I have hired my very first employee, Bridget Clark, formerly of Raincoast and a few UK publishers, who you will get to meet soon. She is focussed on gift accounts for her first season. She has worked in books for 20 years, as I have, so between the two of us our total experience is middle aged. 😉

I have also made my first allocation of the Read + Seed fund. This is a non-profit fund that I created to support a local community arts/literacy/development initiative each year. A portion of every book sold through Read + Co goes to an organization or individual in a community where a fabulous bookstore is located. For the inaugural fund, I have chosen Edmonton to receive the first grant!

The project is called Drawn to Books and it is a non-profit organization that teaches kids how to make their own comics. Run by a former Greenwoods staffer (remember Greenwoods?), it orchestrates camps for kids to learn skills from professional comic artists. At the end of the camp they publish the books, and every kids gets one! Read + Co will be donating to sponsor a contest to pay for four kids to go to a comic camp this summer. Watch the Quill for more details!

For Spring 2020, you can download the new catalogue set here. Publisher specials can be found here! Note that all my catalogues are on Bookmanager. To find my catalogues:

go to sales and marketing on the left hand side of the page
click “Read and Co” under sales and marketing
filter by Spring 2020 to see all the current ones

See my master catalogue list. Each catalogue has the Bookmanager catalogue number beside it!

New lines:
Dundurn Bookmanager # 284548 AND 284547 (Kids) – starting July 1
Yoyo Kids included in the PGC Kids catalogue BM# 286072
NBN has picked up Prometheus and Backbeat among others. it is a huge list so shortlist for NBN including these can be found on BC REP Picks #283823 and Alberta REP picks # 283824.

On Bookmanager there are also special lists such as PGC Rep picks for SP20 #286694 and GPI Rep picks for SP20 #285234.

Watch for my weekly media picks from all my publishers. I email Bookmanager links weekly or semi weekly, where I make your life easier because I round up all my publishers recent media highlights in one place! Let me know if you aren’t getting those.

And anytime, you can return to this site for pdfs or email or phone me; I am here to help!


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