Greystone ❤ Indies Discount + Indie ❤ Social Media campaign & Indie Google Map

In a wonderful show of support for indies, Greystone is offering a special UTP indie discount during the crisis. As well they are announcing a new option their website, which enables customers who buy from Greystone direct to choose their favourite indie bookstore to benefit from their web purchase. Here are some details:

We recognize that keeping all Greystone titles in stock may be a challenge for indies in the coming months, and to ensure readers can always get our books and support their local independent bookstore, Greystone will donate 25% of any sales through our website to every customer’s independent bookstore of choice.

Customers simply need to name their bookstore upon checkout at and we will send a referral fee at the end of the month to the store. If bookstores are unable to fill an order of a Greystone title for any reason, they can send customers to our website and still generate revenue for the sale. We will promote this option in any online promotion of our books, alongside the option of ordering from a local bookstore.

Questions? Comments? Please contact

And be sure to use G20 on your UTP Greystone orders to get the 50% (send through me or straight to UTP). The other HGD option I posted perviously also still stands (HGD +20% on invoice; you can buy most Greystone that way too).

Don Gorman’s (RMB) Indie Google Map now has OVER 22,116 views and 260 indie stores that are doing curbside and online sales! If you aren’t on here, let me know.

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