Delayed Spring Titles Lists

We are swimming in strange waters just now, and I know some are worried about missing key spring titles that are coming out (or getting delayed), and with various cancellations and paused orders, it is especially confusing!

One small thing that maybe of help: Bookmanager, at my request, has kindly added a “delayed” catalogue option, for publishers to gather all “lost” spring titles in one place. You will see these feeding through as publishers post delayed catalogues.

I asked my publishers to make these lists for you. This list is NOT COMPLETE in the sense that other publishers will come.

So far, these Canadian presses have posted:

Dundurn Delayed from spring to fall: (UTP)

Cormorant Delayed from spring to fall: (UTP)

Nimbus Delayed from spring to fall (NIM)

HGD & Greystone Delayed from spring to fall: (HGD)

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