BC Local Indigenous Title “Medicine Clothes that Look at the People” Coming Soon

Coming August 2020 from BC author Johnny Moses, this important new First Nations title is buried in the fall 2020 NBN catalogue. Please be sure to have it on order for your next NBN order!

NBN terms are no minimum per order, returnable but their discount is a little better: but you pay freight from Ontario so it has to be worth it for an order for the freight cost. I would suggest a minimum of ten books per order.

The Medicine Clothes that Look at the People: An Ancient Epic Tale from the Samish People of the Pacific Coastal Northwest (Paperback)
Johnny Moses
Body, Mind & Spirit / Shamanism
ISBN: 9781789043952
Published: August 01, 2020

Ancient Pacific Northwest Coastal epic from the Samish people, as told by master storyteller, spiritual teacher, and healer Johnny Moses. Johnny Moses is a Tulalip Native American raised in the remote Nuu-chah-nulth village of Ohiat on the west coast of Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada. He was raised in the traditional ways by his grandparents and sent by his elders to share their teachings with all people.

Johnny is a master-storyteller, oral historian, traditional healer and respected spiritual leader. His traditional name is Whis.stem.men.knee (Walking Medicine Robe). Fluent in nine Native languages, and carrier of the Si.Si.Wiss (sacred breath, sacred life) medicine teachings and healing ceremonies, Johnny Moses shares the knowledge and richness of Pacific Northwest Coastal cultural and spiritual traditions. He currently resides in Boulder Creek, CA.

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