Books to Take You Places

I wanted to share info on Europa’s forthcoming travel writing series, The Passenger. This series is great! It looks amazing — like a well-bound, thick, high-quality literary journal — and it is ideal for anyone looking to take a trip from home this summer in the safety of their armchair. Fully illustrated in colour, they encompass literary writing, essays, history, art, music, cuisine — a real slice of contemporary life in the countries featured. Really, a bookstore kind of book.

The first two books will be available in August (Greece and Japan), with Brazil to follow in October and Turkey coming in early 2021.

We also heard more about Europa’s gorgeous top Covid-reading pick from Europe that has made an enormous splash over there in Italy and France:

Fresh Water for Flowers
$37.50 hc

A wonderful light read in troubled times and published in Canada, the book is available now from PGC/Raincoast.

Don’t forget, the new Elena Ferrante is releasing soon!

I also made a list of the hottest titles selling right now for Europa in case you want a few more ideas from them. These are current Europa hottest sellers including one teen title! Make a display and get COOP!Please let me know if you are interested in this coop program! It is an “instant ” setup program, meaning it is super easy and quick to set up and execute.

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