Media Love for Goose Lane Editions

A roundup for you of some of the incredible coverage of books from Goose Lane Editions.

The editors and reviewers at the Globe and Mail chose three Goose Lane titles for the Globe Top 100, which they’ve dubbed “the books that shaped 2020”:
Unicorn in the Woods by Gordon Pitts 9781773101514 (next to the new Barack Obama Book)
Blaze Island by Catherine Bush 9781773101057
The Imperilled Ocean by Laura Trethewey 9781773101156

CBC chooses Laura Trethewey’s book, The Imperilled Ocean (9781773101156), for its list of the 20 Best Canadian Nonfiction books of the year.

CBC Day 6 recommends Like Rum Drunk Angels (9781773101309) in its holiday book giving guide, giving it a rave on air. All Lit Up did the same. This book became “the book to order” over the weekend.

CBC Books – The Next Chapter interviews Tyler Leblanc on Acadian Driftwood (9781773101187).

Global’s Charles Adler Tonight features an interview with Tareq Hadhad on Peace by Chocolate (9781773101897).

Author Jan Wong speaks on nine CBC stations across the country over the weekend about cooking in the age of COVID. St. John’s, Halifax (CBC Mainstreet), Toronto, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Regina, Yukon, Montreal (All in a Weekend). Too many to track down! And yes, indeed, Jan took the opportunity to talk about Apron Strings (9780864929617) .

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