Two White Queens and the One-Eyed Jack

This title seems to have been overlooked by many booksellers, due to bad timing and the COVID scramble, but it is shipping in February and getting outstanding advance reviews and blurbs, including from John Irving. It is a rep choice pick and Canadian, from Dundurn. Fascinating and well written, this will get lots of wide publicity! Shipping very soon. Please be sure to add it to your next UTP order.

Two White Queens And The One-Eyed Jack by Heidi von Palleske
Feb. 9 (Canada) March 9 (U.S.)
CA$22.99 US$18.99
5.5″x 8.5″ Paperback 304pp

Advance Praise

“A life-changing childhood accident, one that is formative of the adult lives to follow, is a testimony to D.H. Lawrence’s view of the novel as ‘the highest complex of subtle interrelatedness.’ How the characters in this story are interconnected is a marvel of storytelling. This is a novel about the calamitous changes in history, in both personal and national history.” — JOHN IRVING, author of The World According to Garp

“I loved it. It captured me and I could not put it down. Great original storytelling!” — JEREMY IRONS, Academy Award-winning actor

“This novel weaves worlds together. It is not only full of sensual imagery and pinpoint details, but it is brave, and bold, and necessary.” — LAUREN B. DAVIS, author of The Grimoire of Kensington Market and Even So

“Even when I finished the book, it seemed that the characters hung around me for days, breaking into my every moment.” — KATI PRESTON, author of From Holocaust to Healing

Two White Queens and the One-Eyed Jack is a magnificent story, beginning with the seed of a boyhood blinding and branching out in haunting and surprising directions, all rooted in that seed. Von Palleske has an honest eye, capturing the loss and renewal of human relationships with precision and compassion – much like the lonely ocularist who inhabits her painful yet redemptive world.” — ROD CARLEY, author of Kinmount

“Exquisite writing … a gorgeous book.” — DANIEL BAIRD, founder of The Brooklyn Rail

“I don’t think it’s too much to say that Two White Queens and the One-Eyed Jack is one of the best novels I have read.” — THOM ERNST, film critic

“A brilliant novel with its conceptual expansiveness, its eclectic characters with their quirky attributes, and its erudition and keen observations about so many things. Heidi’s writing is a seamless fusion of poetry and prose.” — JEFFREY SIDE, reviewer and editor, Colorado Review

“Captivating revelations, brisk candour, and irreverence… Heidi is a gifted writer.” — CHARLES PITTS, writer and producer at Novalis Films

“A meticulously woven, life-affirming and heartbreaking story that took my breath away.” — CRAIG SHEFFER, actor in A River Runs Through It and One Tree Hill

“A deeply engrossing story that keeps you turning the page in this richly cinematic novel. Von Palleske’s well etched characters immediately capture your attention and never let it go.” — GWYNYTH WALSH, actor in Man in the High Tower and Star Trek

“A story so well told it literally takes your breath away. It’s weird, wonderful, horrific, heartbreaking, poignant, and hilarious. Heidi von Palleske’s brilliant novel takes a collection of entirely oddball, deeply damaged characters and chronicles their strange and intricate destinies with remarkable insight, endless compassion and razor sharp wit.” — JEFFREY HIRSCHFIELD, writer, producer and director

“The research is so deep, the characters so beautifully drawn and so human. The structure, so much flow, so musical. This is a work of very substantial literature. It is nothing short of a staggering work of genius.” — MATT ZIMBEL, writer, director, producer and musician

“A symphony for the imagination! A massive accomplishment. Heidi writes the way Monet paints!” — ELIZABETH LENNIE, acclaimed visual artist

“Borders on the magical but remains earthly real — whimsical but heart-wrenching, weaving the wonder of being to awaken all your senses. It will be a novel you will want to read more than once.” — LYNNE GRIFFIN, actor in Black Christmas and Strange Brew

“Lush, raw, poetic and rich. The book uses language to paint a picture. The characters leap off the page. The dialogue is razor-sharp, with both humour and pathos.” — EVE CRAWFORD, author of I Paint Gophers


Feb. 3, 2021, OLA Super Conference, Author Reading

Feb. 13, 2021, Virtual Book Launch (TBC) with guests author Lauren B. Davis and film critic Thom Ernst


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