New Quintessential BC Novellas: Night Watch

We have a new book that you will need for your shelf! A rural James Herriot-likes collection of three novellas set in small town BC, releasing in February and shipping via Raincoast. The author lives in Prince George, BC.

Please show it off with All Creatures Great and Small! If you’d like to do a co-op display let me know. And thank you so much for supporting indie publishers like these; I can imagine a lot of your customers will really love this book.

Night Watch: The Vet Suite by Gillian Wigmore
Fiction / Literary / Animals
Trade paper
ISBN 9781988784588

About Night Watch

Full of humour and compassion, Night Watch collects three novellas that explore the lives of rural veterinarians.

Wigmore’s vets struggle to stay awake during unending calving seasons, reaching for moments of stillness and grace between phone calls and farm calls; they balance their own family’s births and deaths with shepherding animals through caesareans and euthanasia, covering miles of road in their vast jurisdictions during harsh winters and muddy, ruthless springs.

Travelling from small towns in northern BC to the south of France and Fiji, sometimes in the span of a night and sometimes over a lifetime, the men and women in Night Watch work with their hands, keep their hearts in check, and strain to define themselves against the backdrop of an unforgiving job that puts them at the mercy of the elements—and each other.

About Gillian Wigmore

A library branch manager and the daughter of a veterinarian, Gillian Wigmore has published three books of poems: soft geography, winner of the ReLit Award; Dirt of Ages, shortlisted for the George Ryga Award; and Orient. In addition to Night Watch, she has written a novella, Grayling, and Glory, a novel. She lives in Prince George, BC.

Advance Praise for Night Watch

“First of all: not one, but three novellas featuring veterinarians and the people who love them? Genius! And then: the beauty of them, the exquisitely rendered inner lives of complicated people, the complicated workings of calves inside cows, the world in a donkey’s eye. Night Watch is tender and unflinching and totally captivating. I loved it.”—Anne Fleming, author of Gay Dwarves of America

“Wigmore’s Night Watch will make you ache for paths not taken at the same time as you relish the journeys these characters haul you along on. You’ll feel the swelter of an awkward afternoon with a new lover, and the fatigue of a late spring night birthing calves as though they were your own memories. Night Watch moves with a warm, bloody, big heart that you’ll carry with you long after the last page is turned.”—Laisha Rosnau, author of Little Fortress

“Veterinary medicine threads through Night Watch: think James Herriot crossed with a gothic Canadian sensibility. There’s gore, sex, and gentleness; close calls, strange alliances, softening bodies; bruises and blood. Wigmore’s sentences sing: clear, surprising, and delightful. Wigmore takes us outdoors, in all weathers, and inside, into the secret lives of domesticated animals, their suffering and pleasures a mirror for the confusion of our own.”—Carrie Snyder, author of Girl Runner

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