Nimbus Special Coming to an End

The Nimbus COVID-19 Relief Discount (55%), which began back in October, is officially drawing to a close at the end of January. This program has been a wonderful opportunity to support local booksellers, acknowledging and thanking you for the work you do. If you’ve already had the opportunity to take advantage of the discount, we hope it has eased the difficulty of the past year, even if only slightly.

You have until the end of January to submit your orders to qualify for the 55% discount. Send them to me.

It’s also worth mentioning that unfortunately the discount does not extend to backorders shipped after the end of the promotion. But Nimbus is a fantastic publisher! Free freight at five book minimum. And they’ve been getting lots of media play lately,. So If you want to support Nimbus’ frontlist, the spring list is here:

Nimbus, all titles, spring 21
Nimbus, kids only, spring 21

If you’d like to take advantage of the special you can find popular Nimbus backlists here:

Children’s Black history from Nimbus
Nimbus recent backlist
Nimbus titles for BC

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