Featured Distributor: Glitterati Press from NBN

I will feature a distributor a week for the next weeks to help you navigate these enormous lists we all see coming at us.

We now have rights to sell Glitterati Press, this really rounds out the NBN list for us.

Glitterati is a publisher of distinctive illustrated books based in New York City. The company’s offerings span a variety of genres, including fine art and popular culture, fashion and photography, architecture and design, cooking and gardening, children’s interests, and lifestyle. They work with Chanel, Rizzoli, The Warhol Museum, MOMA, the Louvre ,etc.

Here is their website if you aren’t familiar with them. Below are some key NBN lists, as well as the Glitterati list on Bookmanager, that will be of interest for this spring if you are looking to put an order together:

Let me know if you need more categories or lists. NBN is an enormous distributor! Lots of choices!

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