Greystone Spring Highlights

I know you are busy working through your spring frontlists; I am writing to highlight Greystone’s new spring books!

Here is the new spring Greystone catalogue link on Bookmanager. 

Or if you prefer, Greystone’s catalogue PDFs can be found here


Some really important titles you will want to feature prominently. This is a stellar list. Small and manageable, but will be a major one for you this season.

Buffy Saint Marie new in PB. Need I say more? She is still a star at 80. I met her in person, and she is as lively and wonderful as she appears on stage!

Three new Peter Wohlleben Books: an all new tree book, The Heartbeat of Trees, which will be an international bestseller. We’ve sold millions of Hidden Life of Trees! Inner Life of Animals new in PB. And his new children’s book, Do You Know Where the Animals Live.

Diary of a Young Naturalist by Dara McNulty: Expect major media here. The author is “on the spectrum” and the youngest ever official BBC naturalist. This has already been a bestseller in the UK, selling 50,000 there. This is adult and crossover to teen. He is an articulate teen from Ireland, the youngest ever winner of the Wainwright prize, and friends with Greta Thunburg. His BBC video has over 1.3 million views. A wonderful read, this one will make you feel so good! He has signed two movie deals, including one with Apple. Second book coming with PRH. We also have a kids title from him, Wild Child, coming from PGC in the summer. Video with him below.

On Being a Bear and Blue Wonder also look amazing and will get the signature Greystone media treatment that we’ve all come to know and love. These will be bestsellers over the summer!

For BC accounts there are two new Vancouver Hiking books that will no doubt top BC bestseller lists as the previous ones have: Hiking in Southwestern BC and Backpacking in Southwestern BC.

Another wonderful on is Marc Hamers new book Seed to Dust. He is that gorgeous-voiced Welsh author who did How to Catch a Mole, which was an indie fave.

Kids books are off the charts, too. Highlights:

New Julie Flett book We All Play (Metis author and GG winner from Vancouver).

Show us Where you Live Humpback is glorious and really captures the awe of whale watching, Beryl Young (Vancouver) is the author of one of my fave YA novels about growing up on the prairies that you may remember called Miles To Go.

I am a Peaceful Goldfish works to helps kids with meditation and controlling overwhelming emotions. Author Shoshana Chaim is a kids yoga teacher and already a star, beloved in the maritimes. 

There are so many to go on about here, I won’t bore you. Look through the list yourself!

And do please let me know if you want to go after co-op. The folks at Greystone are so amazing at supporting indies, I am sure we can help you with what you need, including ARCs! We have some (limited), but let me know if you want something.

Interiors of the kids books are on Bookmanager.


Greystone Spring Special is buy 3+ of any one title and get 45% on that title (via UTP only; no promo through HGD). Promo code S21 required or send to me. Expires March 31.

A few author videos below you are welcome to use for your website or social media; let me know if you plan to do so!

Video with Peter Wohlleben about Heartbeat of Trees

Video with Shoshana Chaim about Peaceful Goldfish

Video with Denyse Waissbluth about Teatime Around the World

Video of Dara McNulty

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