Featured Publisher: Nimbus

Nimbus, my next featured publisher, is hitting it out of the park these days.

They are the largest English-language publisher east of Toronto. Run by the inimitable TerriLee Bulger, former rep for Hornblowers East, they are both publisher and distributor for various Eastern presses. 

Their own imprint, Vagrant Press, publishes fiction and has won a ton of awards. They get regular excellent media for their titles on CBC Books and Quill and Quire, and have been shortlisted for many awards. They are no longer the little engine that could from the east; their list is now much more relevant to us here in the west!

They have become a key Canadian voice for black history and indigenous publishing, especially kids titles.

Here is their Nimbus spring 21catalogue all books.  Here you’ll find their kids books. Their wonky little kids press Running the Goat press frontlist is here.

Send me any orders for frontlist books. If you order more than five copies, get 45% on that title. They always give you free freight and their order min is always five books mixed. Easy peasy.

Please check out my recent post about their drop-in title, I’m Finding My Talk, companion to the Indigenous residential school title I Lost My Talk.

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