Tuttle Origami Lists

Some folks asked for these, so here are some Tuttle Origami lists! PGC Tuttle all Origami paper and kits updated for spring 21 PGC Tuttle all Origami Books and Book/DVDs updated for spring 21 And if you prefer it, the pretty Tuttle pdf catalogue is here. All Tuttle product/books ship via PGC/ Raincoast.  

Booker Prize Longlist

The international Booker Prize longlist was announced today, and four of our titles made the cut. It’s a very nice showing from a few of our publishers. Last year we ended up with three on the shortlist, but sadly no win. Maybe this year? Our office team predicts it’s gotta be the year for a […]

Hot April Roundup Lists

As you may know, I devise monthly release lists to help ensure you have the titles on order that are getting buzz and media as they release. Here is a roundup of the hottest and most prominent April releases from all my publishers (note multiple vendors). The PGC-only kids hot April releases is here. I […]

Featured Publisher: Feminist Press

They aren’t just on the BIPOC and Feminist bandwagon! Feminist Press have been an indie press since 1970, leading the social change revolution. They publish twelve to fifteen books a year and many have become feminist, trans, and activist classics. Fiction, non fiction, children’s — they publish in all categories.Their queer imprint is headed by […]

Books in the Media: March 10, 2021, and More

Media Update The new mid-week Read + Co media list for the week is here. Munsch on Social Media Julie Munsch, Robert Munsch’s daughter, has brought Munsch’s three publishers together to work collaboratively on a social media presence for Robert Munsch and his extensive collection of books. I invite everyone to go and “like” and […]