New Alberta Publisher: Durvile Publishing

I am delighted to include another small Western Canadian publisher in my portfolio: Durvile Publications and their imprint UpRoute.

They are a small press based in Calgary, and currently have a title at #1 on the Calgary Herald bestseller list: Chasia’s Enchantment, a meditation book that includes QR codes for people to scan while reading so they can hear the meditations!

ISBN Prefixes: 978-1-988824, Used ISBN Prefix 0-9689754, 978-0-9952322, 978-0-9947352

Most of their books are either Western Canadian Indigenous (Authentic! Some in Indigenous languages!) and true crime/legal.

They are focussed on reconciliation stories, and are creative at integrating multi forms of communication such as DVD documentaries, art gallery exhibits, audio book and print books to create an immersive experience. They are one of the few small presses making audio books; Lorraine, the publisher, has a PhD in Creative Media.

I added their First Nations titles to my latest Read + Co Indigenous list for spring here.  Check out the Indigenous drop in title for March, The Coming of the White Man, new edition!

Here is their complete list Bookmanager catalogue.

We have so many Alberta-based publishers, I added select titles to the New Alberta Books List here.

Orders go to UTP; they are on the publisher freight program.

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