New Notebooks from Dingbats*

Feast your eyes on these new gorgeous “Pro” hardcover notebooks, coming spring 2021 in the Dingbats collection. Remember Dingbats? The lovely Orca, Bear, Polar Bear notebooks that were vegan and compostable? I love these! Don’t forget to stock up for spring!

This new line of upscale notebooks comes in one size (B5, a new size between the large and medium format). There are two cover images stamped in gold (bee and cactus) available in dotted or plain pages with an inner pocket and two bookmark ribbons. The endsheets are beautiful black pages finely printed with an illustrative design of the respective cover stamp in gold. Staying inline with the Dingbats eco-friendly model, the textile is made from all renewable sources, featuring 160gsm matte white paper that is acid free and coated with non-plastic, potato-based product. It is totally compostable, but it is super high quality and there is no bleed-through from the ink.

$37.95 retail
$18.75 cost/unit

Order now through me and you will receive a 5% discount on these notebooks and all Dingbats products. Offer ends March 31. Promo cod: DB21. The Pro collection will arrive in the warehouse end of March. Order your copies now to reserve stock. Please see Excel order form and PDF catalogue for full details. Orders come via UTP and there are no minimums per style.

Full catalogue on Bookmanager.

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