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They aren’t just on the BIPOC and Feminist bandwagon! Feminist Press have been an indie press since 1970, leading the social change revolution. They publish twelve to fifteen books a year and many have become feminist, trans, and activist classics. Fiction, non fiction, children’s — they publish in all categories.Their queer imprint is headed by Michelle Tea, and Alice Walker serves as editor at the press. They published some of the most important feminist and activist writing we have seen, including the first ever black feminist writings in book form, But Some Of Us Are Brave, plus Riot Grrrl, and the well-loved Witches, Midwives and Nurses by Ehrenreich and English.

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Their current title, I Had A Miscarriage, is hitting it out of the park with media. It is on the media list above plus more links below to relevant media, including hits in The New York Times, Forbes, Vogue, In Style, and Good Housekeeping.

I Had a Miscarriage
A Memoir, a Movement
by Zucker, Jessica (03/19/21)
9781558612884 | The Feminist Press at CUNY | PGC
Paperback | Price: $28.50
Stock in Raincoast March 19


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Media Links

New & Noteworthy, From Vivian Gornick

A selection of recent titles of interest; plus, a peek at what our bcolleagues around the newsroom are reading.

I Had A Miscarriage As A Therapist Who Specializes In This Very Thing

Jessica Zucker, a psychologist and author of I Had a Miscarriage,specializes in reproductive and maternal mental health and experienced a traumatic miscarriage.

Miscarriage is Hard Enough: Spending Thousands in Hidden Costs Rubs Salt in Would-Be Parents’ Wounds

“Having to pay that much for the worst thing that ever happened to me was so hard.”

Opinion: Harry and Meghan’s new pregnancy shines a light on life post-miscarriage

When celebrities and public figures share how miscarriages affect future
pregnancies, they can kickstart vital cultural conversations

Processing Loss, Grief, and Trauma After a Miscarriage – Rewire News Group

In I Had a Miscarriage: A Memoir, a Movement, psychologist Jessica Zucker
writes about the lessons she learned from trying to outrun her grief after

Why Is There So Much Silence Around Miscarriage?

It wasn’t always this way — and because of our culture of secrecy, many of us believe that miscarriage is uncommon.

Returning to Sex After Miscarriage Can Be Pleasurable and AlsoTerrifying

How grief and pleasure can coexist in the aftermath of pregnancy loss.

How To Talk To Kids About Miscarriage

Studies have shown comprehensive sex education, including the myriad
pregnancy outcomes people can and do experience, is vital to the overall
sexual health and wellbeing

After Miscarriage, Comments Like, “You Still Look Pregnant!” Cut Even Deeper

Clueless comments about pregnant-looking bodies can cause long-term harm for those who have miscarried.

A Postpartum Body Without a Baby

When one in four pregnancies end in miscarriage, countless people have to navigate the often complicated, painful feelings that come with having a post-pregnancy body.

An interview with Dr. Jessica Zucker on her new memoir and movement, I Had a Miscarriage.


22 new titles to add to your TBR pile

With the weather getting slightly warmer and spring just around the corner, I have vaguely thought about the concept of Getting back into shape.

#IHadaMiscarriage Campaign Creator Expands on Her Mission in a New Book

One psychologist’s crusade against silence, stigma, and shame continues.

Why I Returned To Work So Soon After My Miscarriage

I was a psychologist practicing in Los Angeles, specializing in reproductive and maternal mental health, grounded by the knowledge that I had brought to fruition.

I Had A Miscarriage – Jessica Zucker

Jesscia Zucker shares the inspiration for and advice from her memoir meets manifesto.

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