Books in the Media: April 28, 2021

Here is this week’s culled media list from all my Read + Co publishers. It includes the following:

Alan Rusbridger was on CBC’s The Current discussing News and How to Use It with Matt Galloway. It starts around the 47 minute mark. It’s a great interview. Very thorough at well over 20 minutes, too!

News and How to Use It
What to Believe in a Fake News World
by Rusbridger, Alan (03/30/21)
9781838851613 | Canongate Books | PGC
Cloth | Price: $36.95

“Given that Rusbridger is, in my opinion, one of the two great newspaper editors of the past half-century (the other is the late Harry Evans), anything he writes about the press is going to be worth reading … Many of the mini-essays are useful distillations of his experience in, and knowledge of, the industry” – Guardian

“If you are interested in the mechanics of the news, especially related to the times we are living in, going through and set to go through, then this book is a must” – BBC

Grand Dishes (9781800180000), which will be featured on The Drew Barrymore Show next week.

The new and very cute Bill Richardson kids title Hare B&B (9781927917381). Bill is the CBC host of Richardson’s Roundup, among other accolades, and lives in Vancouver. Please stock this one. Comes out of Nimbus. It is adorable and very funny! If you buy five I can get you a special 55% for a limited time; send the order to me.

And here is my READ + CO top forty bestsellers for the week.

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