New Dingbats* Pro B5 collection and Wolf Notebooks

Dingbats Notebooks has finally brought in their two new products that I am so excited about.

The new format B5 Dingbats Pro-line Bee and Cactus notebooks arrived on my doorstep. It is stunning and exquisite, beyond my expectations. It is a super-luxe notebook not previously in this line. I am blown away by the quality of the linen cover and super luxurious foil stamping. It is larger than the other sizes and a different upmarket style from the others.

Plant Based Bride has done a gorgeous Pen and Paint test and reviewer video on Youtube on these new notebooks.

Now in stock at UTP!

These gorgeous hardcover ‘Pro’ Notebooks comes in one size (B5) which is a lot larger than the former medium sized A5. There are two cover images to choose from (bee and cactus), both stamped in gold foil. The Pro is available with dotted or plain pages, and comes with an inner pocket, and two bookmark ribbons.

$37.95 retail
$18.75 cost/unit, no minimum per style

The end sheets are beautiful black pages finely printed with an illustrative design of the respective cover stamp in gold. Staying in-line with the Dingbats eco-friendly model, the textile is made from renewable sources, 160gsm matte white paper that is acid free. It’s the perfect notebook for drawing, sketching, and journaling!

The highly anticipated, new wolf notebooks are now enroute to UTP!! You can place orders now! Coming end of May, these are the classic hardcover, compostable pleather Dingbats you love (in bear, orca and hippo, among others). One size only (medium) in lined, dotted graph, or plain.

Also coming: new pens!

5285003137648 Dingbats Atopen – Trend 6-Pack Dual Tip Fineliner/Brush Pens A5002 $28
5285003137822 Dingbats Atopen Fineliner – 0.5mm Black A5105B $4.95

Note that the Fineliner 0.5mm can be purchased individually, but if you can purchase a box (50 units), we can offer additional 5%.They are inexpensive at $4.95 retail.

Please see order form and pdf for full details.

Full catalogue on Bookmanager.

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