Israel and Palestine

With the bombings between Gaza and Israel, and so much talk, Marcello Di Cintio’s 2018 book Pay No Heed to the Rockets: Palestine in the Present Tense has become all the more relevant. It’s a good primer for anyone interested in looking beyond the headlines to the people caught in this conflict. Marcello is from Calgary and he is very active on Twitter.

Paperback: 9780864928986
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“That Di Cintio researches his subjects thoroughly, conducts in depth reporting, and writes with vigour and humility is testimony to his skill in handling one of the most divisive political stories of the last 100 years.” — Quill & Quire


“This is one of the best books I have ever read about Palestine.” — Jonathan Fryer, Writer, Lecturer, Broadcaster, and Politician


“Di Cintio weaves together history with a sense of place and infuses character with dialogue and humor to produce a contemporary portrait of a people who continue to resist both occupation and simple categorization in this masterful work.” — The Electronic Intifada


“Illuminating reading from a highly engaged author.” — Kirkus Reviews

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