New From the Author of Breasts and Eggs

Heaven, from Mieko Kawakami (author of Breasts and Eggs), is now shipping from PGC Raincoast. See the PGC newsletter here for full details and review quotes.

I’ve read and would highly recommend it. Heaven is multilayered and stunning. After you read it you feel like you’ve been given this gift of fresh eyes and insight into bullying from a unique creative genius. It will unsettle you, but at the same time, give you a sparkling perspective. It stars 14 year olds, but I’d say it would work best as a crossover for 16+.

Haruki Murakami touts Mieko Kawakami as Japan’s most important contemporary novelist. It is also the winner of the Akutagawa Prize.

Europa Dropbox materials for the book/social media assets can be found here.

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