Orange Shirt Day Titles and Media Kit

Orange Shirt Day is coming. It will now be a national holiday known as “National Truth and Reconciliation Day” and there will be a ton of media and buzz, including a documentary on Phyllis airing nationally and produced by Canadian Geographic. Orange Shirt Day book list: Bookmanager list # 335661 | PDF An important new […]

Three Cormorant and DCB Titles

I’d like to bring your attention to three recently released Cormorant titles, all available via UTP (Elvis is quickly selling out; reprint is coming): The Good Son (9781770865921, $24.95 PB) This is the perfect summer thriller read. See PDF for more info and endorsements. Being called the best cottage read! There is an excerpt in […]

Weekly update: August 11, 2021

Here are our weekly updates. Many people have asked me to expand the bestseller list so here is the Read + Co Top 70 this week: Bookmanager # 404457 | PDF Media list for this week with rep notes showing media hits: Bookmanager # 404425 | PDF As you probably heard in one of my […]

Two Major Kids Drop-ins

Two drop-ins for fall, which are both very important kids titles, to highlight for you! Both ship via PGC/Raincoast. I suggest placing good, strong orders early as no doubt these will both sell out. Both have interiors on Bookmanager. Grace And The Christmas Angel: Guardian Angels Book 1 Lucinda Riley and Harry Whittaker, illustrated by […]

Weekly Update: August 4, 2021

Here are some useful links for you to both the weekly update and the monthly updates. Weekly update Top 50 Read + Co titles this week #403588 Bookmanager | PDF Weekly Media list for Read + Co all publishers #403259 Bookmanager | PDF Monthly update Hot new releases for August including kids #400683 Bookmanager PGC […]