Books in the Media: August 25, 2021, Top Sellers, and Local Lists

Here is our weekly media list roundup, which includes CBC North By Northwest, CBC BookRoundup titles, and a Globe and Mail review this week:

Bookmanager # 407048 | PDF with notes

Here are our weekly hottest top sellers for Read + Co this week. Insanely, Braiding Sweetgrass and Marrow Thieves are still at the top of the list, but there are quite a few surprises and gems here too:

Bookmanager # 407445 | PDF

And local titles lists have been posted for Fall 2021

British Columbia Fall 2021 books: Bookmanager # 359873 | PDF

Alberta Fall 2021 books: Bookmanager # 383232 | PDF

Books for the North Fall 2021: Bookmanager # 383237 | PDF

Please check them out and make sure you have all local books on order from my publishers!

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