Drop-in Title: Louis Wain’s Cats

A new weird and wonderful drop-in title is coming. I think you will have a few cat lovers who will want it! It is an art book, so has an art book price, but will really stand out in the store.
Louis Wain’s Cats (9781838854706) from Canongate, November 9, PGC Raincoast. This is a Kitsch art book covering the complete cat art of the historic painter.These Edwardian paintings of cats dressed as people have developed a bizarre cult following. You can view the cover and interiors on Edelweiss.

The book includes an introduction from Benedict Cumberbatch, who stars in the new movie, The Electrical Life of Louis Wain, with Claire Foy. The movie played at TIFF earlier this month and will be at the Vancouver Film Festival October 2. The Canadian theatrical release is October 22 (US in November), and I believe it will start streaming on Amazon Prime. Check out the trailer below:

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