Books in the Media: January 19, 2022

No doubt you’ve heard the news that our bookfair is going virtual (better than going viral haha). Unless of course you are going viral on TikTok as our book Cain’s Jawbone has done.

Phew! We’ve flown through a few reprints of those and more coming soon. Let me know if you’ve had any customers solve the puzzle! If so they’d be one in only a few people in the world to have done so. My 13-year-old niece is working hard at it still. I am collecting all my spring 2022 lists in one place for you to start your spring buying. Will be updating that and sending out soon; it will also be posted on our website.

In the meantime here are the weekly Read + Co updates:

Read + Co top 100ish titles this week
BookManager Read + Co current bestsellers #435637 |PDF

Read + Co Weekly Media list (see my rep notes for the media details)
Bookmanager Weekly Media List #437441 | PDF

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