Books in the Media: January 26, 2022

Here is my weekly Read + Co updates:

Weekly Media List
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A few extras to note:

Megan Walsh has a piece in The Globe and Mail on the January 28th weekend.

The Subplot
What China Is Reading and Why It Matters
by Walsh, Megan (02/18/22)
9781735913667 | Columbia Global Reports | PGC
Paperback | Price: $22.50

Also we’ve put together a Maud Lewis list since there are going to be various exhibits happening across Western Canada this year. As you probably know her recent painting sold and broke a new record at auction.

Edmonton: January at the Art Gallery of Alberta
Calgary: May to August at Glenbow
Victoria: June 19 – October 16, 2022, at the Art Gallery Greater Victoria

List of books here on Bookmanager.

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