Monthly Book Lists for February 2022

Hope you are warm and well. February is around the corner, and here are the Read + Co monthly lists to keep you updated, plus a few additions. Read on!

Hot New Titles for February (multiple vendors):

Bookmanager | PDF

If you would like to dig into some indie bookstore backlist favourites and current gems from PGC:

PGC Indie Handsell Faves for February:

Bookmanager | PDF

I’ve also added two more categories of lists:

For those of you who are buying frontlist by month and want to see all forthcoming releases from my key publishers in advance of release, we’ve made these lists:

Buy by month lists, all titles shipping from UTP and  PGC sorted by Bookmanager rank:

UTP March Bookmanager 439498

PGC March Bookmanager 439502 

and in case you missed any:

UTP February Bookmanager 439496 

PGC February Bookmanager 439501

Hottest Educational Books for your Radar

We’ve recently expanded our team to include Megan Oriah, an educator, homeschooler, parent, child education specialist, and in training to become a forest school teacher! She will be helping us in the background to create school and educator-focussed lists to assist you with your school business. This is the first of our monthly Educational Books for your Radar lists. 

January Educational Books for your Radar:

Bookmanager 436645 | PDF (school notes on both versions) | or here for Catalist (no notes)

More lists to follow from Megan!

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