Books in the Media: February 23, 2022

Here are our weekly lists:

Weekly Media List February 23
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Read & Co Top Bestselling, Forthcoming, and Recent Releases February 23
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A new edition/re-release of Heroines Revisited: Photographs by Lincoln Clarkes, a Vancouver book, will be promoted for International Women’s Day:

PB | $48.00 CA
Anvil Press Publishers (via Raincoast)

Watch a women-led speculative fiction interview featuring books from Dundurn (via UTP) here.

See more videos on our book and author video page here.

Check out the new Raincoast Gift website for orders (B2B also still available). It’s beautiful!

Singing more of the shipping blues:

Email Alert! from Universal Logistics Inc.

2022 has not started off well, as shippers continue to face bottlenecks and service disruption related to global port congestion. The situation is particularly challenging at key hub ports and gateway terminals, as cargo volumes remain extremely high, affecting the fluid movement of cargo on land as well as disrupting vessel schedules worldwide.
North American ports continue to struggle with these issues, as rail movements inland are delayed, and the number of vessels waiting to berth at these destination ports remains high. We are also experiencing long delays in transit times, as vessels laden with containers destined to North America sit idle offshore or slow down the sea transit, awaiting a berthing window at the final port of arrival.

The situation in Vancouver, Montreal, and Halifax remains precarious, as we are seeing significant delays in cargo moving inland from these key points of arrival in Canada. In terms of the U.S., the problems experienced in 2021, namely vessel bunching and extended dwell time at terminals remain. While the U.S. West Coast ports are dealing with the most serious issues, as the vast majority of inbound cargo from Asia arrives via this gateway, East Coast ports are also dealing with high volumes of cargo and the fallout from this.

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