Book Lists for March and April Buying

Here are some book lists to help you with your buying for March and planning for April:

Hot Key Releases for March

A selection from all my publishers-titles that are getting media or attention, one’s you want to make sure you have on order.

Bookmanager #402599 | PDF

PGC Indie Handsells and Favourites March 2022

These are books your peers are finding juicy and fun to sell just now from PGC.

Bookmanager #432576 | PDF

February Educational Books for your Radar

These are ones that made roundup lists or got educational reviews-be sure to check out the school notes in Bookmanager.

Bookmanager #442399 | PDF

Buy by Month Lists for April 2022

These are all releases for April, for PGC and UTP, broken down by month and organized by rank (hottest titles first). For those you buying this way note that stock is still proving to be an issue so order up!

UTP Monthly Buy List April 2022
Bookmanager #444408 | PDF

PGC Monthly Buy List April 2022
Bookmanager #444407 | PDF

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