The Little Book: Help Support the Ukrainian Canadian Foundation

Please see this drop in title below and on Bookmanger, created to support the Ukrainian Canadian Foundation. Lorene Shyba, the publisher at Durvile, is Ukrainian Canadian and grew up in Winnipeg. This is a traditional Ukrainian kids title that was used in prairie schools originally published in 1940.

There’s an article on the initiative March 10 issue of Shelf Awareness that features Audreys Books and Durville. You can read it at this link.

Besides containing alphabet letters and gorgeous illustrations, the book features charming parables and poems by legendary Ukrainian writer Taras Shevchenko. This special 2022 edition, reprinted to celebrate the culture of the Ukrainian people, with all proceeds to charity, features an English translation of these lovely rhymes and verses.

The Little Book: Story Reader for a Free Ukraine
Mykola Matwijczuk | Shyba Lorene | Stroinska Magda

Orders can go to UTP; it will ship end of March. 

We at Read + Co have also just made a donation to the Canada Ukraine Foundation on honour of Western Canadian bookstores.

If you’d also like to donate you can go here.

Lorene’s personal letter:

Dear All,

As you will read on the info sheet for The Little Book, I have had this beautiful little book, originally printed in 1940 in Winnipeg, all through my life. It has travelled with me from city to city and country to country since the days my Babka grandmother used to read it to me. A cherished object now put to a heroic cause.

It came to me that with a translation (being done right now) this book would be a good way to help my ancestral homeland, Ukraine, in this terrible time of invasion. I have designated a charity, The Ukrainian Canadian Foundation, to receive proceeds from the sale of this book.

I will be uploading ONIX metadata today and it will be shooting off the press asap. If any of you have suggestions about quantities I should print or any other suggestions, please let me know. 

дуже тобі дякую (duzhe tobi dyakuyu) Thank you,


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