Introducing Tidewater Press

I am pleased to announce that effective immediately we are adding Tidewater Press, based outside of Vancouver, to our list of publishers.

From their website:

We publish adult fiction and non-fiction that both enlighten and entertain. Our fiction titles subvert or play with standard literary tropes and explore topical themes, while our non-fiction educates and illuminates Canadian stories. The scale may be intimate or international, but the dynamic is always one that explores individual and collective identity.

Previously they were distributed through Fitzhenry, with a gap since 2021. Distribution is now via UTP. I will include their fall catalogue in my fall lists but here are two spring titles from UTP that were never presented to you. One has local BC and Alberta connections, and the other has a strong media response so far.

The Little Brudders of Miséricorde
David M. Wallace
$21.95 PB
Tidewater Press/UTP
Released March 2022



Man and mouse: comrades who together navigate a world of saints and sinners, and crimes both real and imagined.
Spence is lost—the brief optimism of his early retirement and bold move from Vancouver to Montréal has devolved into a lonely round of French classes, winter cycling and watering his absent daughter’s houseplants. When a mouse moves into his Notre-Dame-de-Grâce apartment uninvited, Spence welcomes the company and the two form an unlikely friendship.

Thierry is a petty thief with strong opinions and a foul mouth who draws the former Drama teacher into an unexpected theatre of conspiracies. He becomes Spence’s little brother, helping him learn French, confront painful memories and reaffirm his Catholic faith. A darkly comic story of rebirth that is both poignant et amusant, sacred et sacrebleu.

The Author

Now a resident of Montreal, David Wallace earned a BFA from the University of Victoria. He performed with the Globe Theatre (Regina), the Bastion Theatre (Victoria) and at the Edmonton, Vancouver and Victoria Fringe Festivals before beginning a twenty-year teaching career in Burnaby, BC. His poems have been published in the Australian journal Studio and in the Canadian journal Grain. The Little Brudders of Miséricorde is his first novel.

Review in Vancouver Sun

By Ian Kennedy
$22.95 PB
Tidewater Press/UTP
Releasing May 15, 2022



For marginalized athletes past and present, achievement can bring celebrity without equality and recognition without opportunity. In many ways, Ontario is a microcosm of Canadian multiculturalism. As a terminus of the Underground Railroad, it has long been home to a large Black community Walpole Island and Delaware First Nations are nearby and many interned Japanese Canadians worked on local farms during World War II. The history of sport in the region is emblematic of the challenges that have confronted generations of non-white athletes nationwide. Each chapter uses the story of a local athlete—some famous, others more obscure—to illuminate one aspect of the evolving relationship between race and sport in North America. Combining tales of personal triumph with sports history and social commentary, On Account of Darkness examines systemic racism and ambivalent attitudes that persist to this day.

The Author

Ian Kennedy is an educator and journalist with a passion for sport and storytelling.His reporting has been featured on radio, in newspapers and publications that include The Hockey News, Yahoo Sports and Outdoor Canada magazine. He holds degrees in Kinesiology and Education.

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