Bestseller and Media Lists: May 12, 2022

Here are the weekly lists. Sorry it’s a day late; I am in full-on sales conferences this week (lots of amazing stuff coming for fall).

Top 100 Bestselling, Forthcoming and Recent Releases
Bookmanager 459138

Weekly Media List
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Big news to share! Monkey Boy by Francisco Goldman is a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize! We have lots of stock of both the hardcover and paperback at Raincoast. We are making some silver Pulitzer Prize Finalist stickers, so let us know if you’d like some.

Monkey Boy
by Francisco Goldman

Paperback $23.50

Cloth $38.95

From the Pulitzer Committee’s release:

Monkey Boy, by Francisco Goldman (Grove Press), an auto-fictional inquiry into the protean nature of identity, written with disarming candor and grace, blending memory and imagination to transformational effect.

This amazing two-page review and overview of Frank’s career in The New York Review of Books ran last week.

And it was an Editor’s Choice in Paperback Row in the New York Times last.

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