Bestseller and Media Lists: May 26, 2022

It is so nice to hear the birds chirping outside my window. Thank goodness for small pleasures. We have a bird family moving into a birdhouse my partner built for a flicker (woodpecker family) who had drilled a hole in the house wall! He loved the new birdhouse, but then was promptly pushed out of it by a little songbird. It has been quite a drama, but the dust and woodchips have finally settled.

Speaking of pleasures (and hopefully no drama, ha ha) I am excited to hear that many beloved booksellers will be attending the WBRA Book Fair in Victoria next month. It will be marvellous seeing who we can after a two-year hiatus. If you need details on that click here.

Too bad Calgary was cancelled, but crossing fingers for it to be a go in February 2023.

Here are my weekly bestseller and media lists. Be sure to check them out and see the rep notes for updates on the media:

100 Top Bestselling, Forthcoming and Recent Releases
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Weekly Media List
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