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Our publishers and authors put out a range of media to showcase their books. Here you will find some of the highlights we want to draw to your attention. Check back periodically for new content or look for links to this page in our regular email updates.

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Gregor Craigie in conversation with Kathryn Marlow

Munro’s Books

Gregor Craigie, host of CBC’s On The Island, discusses his debut book On Borrowed Time: North America’s Next Big Quake, with CBC reporter, and sometimes host, Kathryn Marlow.

Ann Cleeves in Conversation with Iona Whishaw

Munro’s Books

Ann Cleeves, New York Times bestselling author and creator of the Shetland and Vera series, discusses The Heron’s Cry, the second book in her new Two Rivers series featuring Detective Matthew Venn (soon to be featured in the television series The Long Call!) alongside Canadian mystery writer Iona Whishaw.

The Adventures of Grandmasaurus

Common Deer Press

The Adventures of Grandmasaurus features a quirky Grandma who magically sneezes herself into different dinosaurs while on a field trip with her two grandchildren. When Grandma starts behaving like a dinosaur the kids quickly learn this will not be a regular field trip! There is a world of adventure searching and identifying Grandmasaurus. This intergenerational tale also shows kids know best when it comes to proper behaviour at the museum!

The Math Kids: An Incorrect Solution

Common Deer Press

Fifth grade is off to a terrible start for the Math Kids.

Jordan and Justin are in a different class from Stephanie and Catherine. Worse, they have Miller the Killer for math, and he hates math! Even more troubling, Jordan witnesses Robbie, the class bully, in an angry confrontation with his father and wonders if Constable Colson might be doing more than yelling.

People problems suddenly seem a lot more challenging than homework, but maybe with the right plan—and some math—the four Math Kids can find a way to deal with their classroom woes and make sure Robbie stays safe.

Diary of a Young Naturalist

Greystone Books

Author and environmental activist Dara McAnulty reads from his book, Diary of a Young Naturalist, to celebrate its North American release.

Pickles introduces Trip of the Dead

Cormorant Books

Pickles the housecat talks about the latest book in the Tails from the Apocalypse series, Trip of the Dead… or maybe not. She’s a little distracted right now.

The World of After

Cormorant Books

Author Stephen Henighan’s latest novel, The World of After.

The Good Son

Cormorant Books

Author Carolyn Huizinga Mills introduces her debut novel, The Good Son.

Wildflower by Briana Corr Scott

Nimbus Publishing

Artist/author Briana Corr Scott explains where her ideas came from for her gorgeous new picture book, Wildflower.

Trailer for The Night Walk by Marie Dorleans

Kids from PGC Raincoast

The dreamy story of a family’s exciting journey through the night. Beautiful and evocative, this award-winning picture book celebrates the importance of family time and the awe-inspiring power of the natural world.

Hare B&B

Running The Goat

Meet Harry and her seven siblings in this charming animated book trailer created by the fine folks at Perfect Day Canada, and featuring original music by the very talented Christina Smith.

I Am a Peaceful Goldfish

Kids by Greystone via UTP/HGD

I Am a Peaceful Goldfish teaches kids and families about playful breathing techniques that we can use to overcome our anxiety and feel calm and grounded.

Firefly Book Trailer

Cormorant Books

Firefly lives in the park across from her mother’s house. But after the baseball-bat night happens, Firefly gets nabbed by social services and she goes to live in her Aunt Gayle’s costume shop.She can get used to sleeping in a bed again, even taking baths, but which costume is the real Firefly? A new middle-grade children’s book from award-winning author Philippa Dowding.

The Heartbeat of Trees

Greystone via UTP/HGD

Peter Wohlleben discusses his new book, The Heartbeat of Trees: Embracing Our Ancient Bond with Forests and Nature. Following his New York Times bestseller The Hidden Life of Trees, The Heartbeat of Trees is a powerful return to the forest, where trees have heartbeats and roots are like brains that extend underground. Where the colour green calms us, and the forest sharpens our senses.

Douglas Stuart at the Hay Festival Winter Weekend

Shuggie Bain from PGC

Douglas Stuart in conversation with the writer and broadcaster Natalie Haynes about his debut novel Shuggie Bain, which was recently named the winner of the 2020 Booker Prize for Fiction.

Based on Stuart’s own childhood, Shuggie Bain tells the story of a young boy growing up in 1980s Glasgow with a mother who is battling addiction. Stuart, a former fashion designer who started writing in his spare time a decade ago, dedicated the book to his own mother, who died of alcoholism when he was 16.

The Math Kids: An Encrypted Clue

When Stephanie Lewis finds secret writing in the margin of an old book in the library, The Math Kids have a new puzzle to solve. But first, they must learn about codes and ciphers, and how to use their math skills to solve them.

The Plastic Problem

Join author Rachel Salt, as she discusses her two recently-published books, The Plastic Problem and Your Plastic Footprint. Though plastic has numerous benefits, our reliance on this sturdy, light, and flexible material, paired with its longevity and our changing consumer habits means we’ve created a real plastic problem. However, there are reasons to be hopeful! This webinar will investigate the many meaningful and creative ways people around the world are working to manage, reduce and eliminate plastic waste, while providing ideas for classroom activities that can be taught virtually.

Confluence of Challenges: The Fate of the Human Experiment

Various books from PGC/Raincoast

The worldwide pandemic has laid bare the existential challenges of our time, including systemic racism, economic inequality and environmental collapse. There are calls to rethink our political systems and social relations. What might this new world look like? Join us to consider the fate of the human experiment with one of the eminent thinkers of our time.

Noam Chomsky is a distinguished linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, historian, and political activist. Institute Professor Emeritus at MIT, he is author of numerous groundbreaking works on topics ranging from linguistics to war, politics, and mass media. Now in his ninth decade, he remains a trenchant and timely social critic. Guest panelists: Elizabeth May, Avigail Eisenberg, David Seljak and Martha McGinnis.

Kimmy & Mike

Kids via Nimbus

Dave Paddon introduces viewers to the recitation tradition in Newfoundland and Labrador, and talks about his newest book Kimmy & Mike, with brilliant artwork by Lily Snowden-Fine.

Teatime Around the World

Kids by Greystone via UTP/HGD

Author Denyse Waissbluth introduces readers to her new book, Teatime Around the World, and shares her favourite teatime memories.

Common Deer Book Trailers

Kids via NBN

A collection of book trailers from Common Deer Press, publisher of uncommon books for children and teens! Click the forward button in the video controls to skip to the next video in the series.

Booknet: Canadian Book Market in 2020

Join Booknet Canada for a look at book sales and reader behaviour in the Canadian market in 2020.