Our Client Publishers

Below you’ll find a list of Read + Co Book’s current publishers. Links to publisher websites can be found on each individual publisher’s page. To see a full, current catalogue of our publishers visit this page or our Catalist page here.


A24, the company behind award-winning films such as The Zone of Interest and Everything Everywhere All at Once, and television series like Euphoria, has garnered a cult following for their books on film.


Alibabette is a very young company born in the summer of 2011. The original idea: to make notebooks with as much care as fine books.

Anthology Editions

Anthology Editions uncovers and fashions cultural narratives as books, music collections, online experiences, and exhibitions.

Black Dog Press

Black Dog Press produces a broad range of illustrated books that respond to and showcase developments in contemporary art and culture.


The unmistakable notebook with the horizontal elastic closure! Made in Italy, minimal and practical, Ciak is the original product by InTempo, an Italian company founded in 1973.

Cormorant Books

Cormorant is dedicated to publishing a diversity of voices from across the country continues, along with the belief that these voices are worth hearing.

Crwth Press

Crwth Press is a book publisher based in British Columbia. Crwth is all about community, culture, and a commitment to the future.

Dingbats* Notebooks

Dingbats* is an eco-friendly brand of hand-made notebooks with personality, developed in a masterful consideration of materials and design.


Dundurn Press is a leading independent, inclusive publisher offering Canadian books from every corner of the country.

Durvile & UpRoute Books

Durvile Publications is a small-but-mighty indie press. The UpRoute imprint focuses on Indigenous works and other bold cultural ventures.

Earth Sky + Water

Earth Sky + Water, LLC is a small publishing firm focused on the realistic depiction of nature and localized nature identification.

Firefly Books

Firefly Books Ltd., established in 1977, is a North American publisher and distributor of non-fiction books for adults and children.

Goose Lane Editions Logo

Goose Lane Editions

Based in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Goose Lane Editions provides book lovers with great reads that inspire, spur conversation, and stimulate minds.

Greystone Books

Greystone is a leading publisher of books about the environment, travel, sports, social issues, science, health, andl literary expressions of personal passions.

Heritage Group

HGD specializes in providing comprehensive sales representation, marketing, merchandising and distribution on behalf of its publishing partners.

House of Anansi/Groundwood Books

House of Anansi Press publishes influential books that shape national conversations, while Groundwood Books focuses on high-quality diverse children’s literature.

Inner Traditions

Inner Traditions is considered one of the largest and oldest publishing houses devoted exclusively to the subjects of spirituality, esotericism, and alternative health and healing.

John Hopkins University Press

Johns Hopkins University Press has shared the benefits of discovery with the world.


MACK is an independent publisher of award-winning books on visual arts, working with the world’s leading artists, writers, curators and cultural institutions.

National Book Network

National Book Network is a sales, marketing, and distribution company serving publishers of non-fiction, fiction, and children’s titles.

Nimbus Publishing

Nimbus produces more than thirty new titles a year on a range of subjects relevant to the Atlantic Provinces: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland.

P di Pigna

Pigna’s mission has been to create the best Made in Italy notebooks for students and workers as well.

Pajama Press

Written for children of all ages and backgrounds, Pajama Press’s award-winning fiction and nonfiction titles are relevant for the world today and enduring for tomorrow.

Pluto Press

Pluto Press is a radical political publishing house that proudly indentifies as anti-capitalist, internationalist and politically independent.

Publishers Group Canada

Publishers Group Canada (PGC Books) is a division of Raincoast Book Distribution Inc., an award-winning, Canadian-owned book wholesale and distribution company.

Red Barn Books

Red Barn Books Inc. lovingly brings Alberta books to life. 
They work with authors and artists to create content that celebrates horses, cowboys, 
and country living – small-batch books that leave a hoofprint on readers’ hearts. Red Barn Books website

Tidewater Press

Tidewater Press publishes adult fiction and non-fiction that enlighten and entertain. The scale may be intimate or international, but the dynamic is always one that explores individual and collective identity.

University of New Orleans Press

The University of New Orleans Press is a nonprofit book publisher stemming from the rich cultural tradition of New Orleans and its surrounding region.

Waterford Press

For over 25 years, Waterford Press has published the industry-leading collection of reference guides for wildlife identification, outdoor recreation, travel and safety and survival skills.

Waverley Books logo

Waverley Books

The Gresham Publishing Company’s Waverley Books, focusses on Scottish titles and has created a real tartan cloth notebook and journal range, working with Kinloch Anderson based in Edinburgh.