Read + Seed

Read + Co Books is a publisher sales agency based in Victoria, BC, working with library, independent retail, and wholesale accounts in BC, Alberta, and the Territories. The Read + Seed program is an annual fund that commits a portion of every book sold to the sponsorship of one community-based organization per year. The aim is to strengthen community bonds and promote a culture of mutual support in the Canadian publishing community.

Read + Seed supports local community art, culture, environmental, and social justice projects in communities where independent bookstores are based.

If you are an organization or individual doing good work in your community you can apply for Read + Seed funding.

We are looking for projects that are

  • ground-level projects
  • based in BC, Alberta or the Territories
  • environmentally sensitive
  • collaboratively organized
  • culturally and racially sensitive and inclusive
  • focusing on using the arts and culture to create community bonds and build social capital or remedy social justice issues

Please send an email to with short summary of your project! Please also share where you are located and why you think you would be a good candidate for this fund.


2020: Drawn to Books
2021: Pacific Wild
2022: The Kamloops Elizabeth Fry Society
2023: Qmunity